17 April, 2011

Hiker boot trend - Love these boots!

Thought I would share a relatively recent purchase. I bought these beauties about a month back from Joanne Mercer. They are called Cory (by Windsor Smith) and they were $99.95 (full price). I managed to get a little discount since I work in the same shopping centre hehe. They are real suede.

I first spotted a model wearing similar shoes on one of those morning shows and I fell in LOVE. So I had to find some! I rarely purchase shoes at full price and often wait for major reductions so that should show you how sucked in I was haha.

I love the little 'teeth,' 'hiker' touches on the bottom of the shoe, they really add a lil somethin'. These are my first pair of any kind of wedges and previously I had never worn any heels casually, so I thought starting with some casual wedges would be a good option. Especially since we're heading into Autumn.


I don't find these amazingly comfortable, but after a few wears I'm getting more use to them, however I still wouldn't class them as being super comfortable shoes.

Nevertheless, I love them! They make me feel tall, my legs look skinnier and longer =P Great with dresses as well as for livening up heavy bulky winter wear.

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